Editing focuses on the linguistic form of the text, as well as on content and structural aspects.


  • The text is correct in terms of content, language, register and idiom.
  • The text is easy to understand, fluent and pleasant to read.
  • The personal style is preserved.

The text should convey its content correctly, clearly and comprehensibly, use technical terms in a correct and coherent manner, and be fluent, interesting and, ideally, enjoyable to read. Even complex issues can usually be presented simply and vividly – thanks to the flexibility of language and sentence structure. Every text has its own rhythm and its own voice. When editing, I take care to make this voice audible.

It is time for editing when the text has been written and finalised.

Offer & Prices

I offer editing, copyediting and proofreading services both separately and in combination. The prices depend on the time and labour input required.

I prepare a customised quote for each project. Please contact me to discuss the service you require.

Editing in

Word, Pages, InDesign, Acrobat Pro (correction of PDFs), also by hand on paper upon request


Specialising in

Literary Studies
Cultural Studies

Data protection
Confidential handling of your materials is a matter of course. Please refer to the privacy policy.