Writing an academic text requires expertise, a systematic approach, courage and energy. Your text deserves all due respect. My aim is to present it in the best possible light while preserving its special characteristics.

Services at a glance

  • Editing / copyediting / proofreading
    for anthologies, monographs, academic editions, university theses, dissertations, post-doctoral theses
  • External editing / copyediting / proofreading
    for publishers in the academic, textbook and non-fiction sectors
  • Proofreading of academic journals and other periodicals
  • Project management for publications: planning and coordination of collaboration between authors, editors, publishers, graphic designers and illustrators
  • Transcription of handwritten texts from archives, libraries and other collections as a basis for academic work
  • Academic edition of literary texts, letters and other archival materials

List of publications:
Own Publications